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The delivery alone took 2 hours. When the food arrived it was cold. I called and told them the food was not edible and they said they would issue a refund. I didn’t believe them so I contacted just eat who issued a refund. The next day I got a message to said charcoal grill had refused the refund... after saying they would issue one... lucky I was right then! Honestly I would never every order from here again, oh and a bonus, the staff are very rude! To summarise, if you like waiting hours for your food to arrive and then it arrive cold then this is the place for you!

Natasha, 17 Jan 2021


Hasmasan, 15 Jan 2021

3 hourse passed no ordered received yet . Although contacted them three times .

T, 25 Dec 2020

Food was evey testy and delivery was on time and delivery driver was very polite and friendly .

Farhad, 23 Dec 2020

Lovely food friendly guys

Dawn, 21 Dec 2020

I ordered Lamb shish but you delivered chicken

Sheri, 30 Nov 2020

Always had good good and service

Sheri, 23 Nov 2020

Wraps are great very filling

Eve, 22 Nov 2020

Don’t serve people who don’t wear mask

Eve, 16 Nov 2020

Had chicken doner for first time Frid. It was very good tasty with lean bits of chicken. And the chips were crispy. Hate soggy chips

Eve, 14 Nov 2020

I unfortunately find myself in the position to avoid ordering from Charcoal Grill again. I used to like this place quite a lot, but recently all my orders are LATE, very late. Although calling, I am always told "traffic is the problem", when Clearly it is the restaurant which is slow, as it doesn't take 30mins to 1 hour from their restaurant to my house. My food comes cold and often missing an item. I also spoken to a member of staff who "reassured" me that :If they know the order is late because of the traffic, the food will be made late so it's still hot....and that makes no sense. Disappointed.

Julia, 14 Nov 2020

Wish you stop serving people without masks. Plus should have anti bac spray and greater ant COVID policy

Eve, 13 Nov 2020


Mria, 09 Nov 2020


The customer service is shockingly low in manners, they sent me a wrong order and all of my food arrived cold but I was still respectful and called them to mention that they had sent the wrong order, they changed it and although I had ordered the XL they sent me a small box of that particular food and they sent their delivery driver who was very polite to come and pick up the wrong order for a third time. I'm extremely unhappy about the way they shouted at me over the phone.

Ehsan, 06 Nov 2020

Ordered at 7.30. food not delivered until almost 9.30. called restaurant at 9 and was told food had left ten minutes before. Called at 9.30 and was told food would be 10 mins more. They assured me the food would not be cold. But it was cold. Not very nice. Was told that the boss wasn't in for me to complain to. I used to order here weekly. Never more. DONT ORDER FROM HERE. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS

Sajjan, 15 Oct 2020

always good nice that salad is in separate box

John, 13 Oct 2020

You messed up my order. I did not order lamb shish kebab. The meat is Tough I can’t eat it. I Ordered small chicken shish.

Herman, 02 Oct 2020

Best local kebab takeaway, chips are a bit soggy and sometimes too much vinegar on red cabbage. They should have server who handles cash only. Guys who prepare food should wear gloves. But, I’m still alive and eaten there many times.

Herman, 02 Oct 2020

What happen to you guys today? Rice on Kebab was very bad and greasy then usual. I always order from you guys never got like this ...I am very diassapointed. Hope it won't happen next time.

Suman Shrestha, 30 Sep 2020


Vani, 20 Sep 2020

Order arrived around 1 hour 30 minutes late. The driver at least was kind. Disappointed. 'Large' Chicken wrap was medium not large. Not hot as arrived late

Tania, 19 Sep 2020


Great food and friendly delivery service

Vani, 19 Sep 2020


Great food and great delivery person

Vani, 19 Sep 2020


Linda, 13 May 2020


David, 02 May 2020

We like to stay permanent customer if you provide quality food thanks

Kurunathan, 11 Jan 2020